Do you offer financial aid?
Yes we offer an interest free pay while in school option as well as loans for those who qualify,with repayment deferred until after graduation. Please contact the school for details.

Can I change my attendance schedule from full-time to part-time, or vice versa?
Yes, you may do so. If changes need to be made more than once, there will be a fee of $100.00 charged.

What if I have a vacation, wedding, or special event already planned prior to enrolling?
No problem; just notify your instructors ahead of time that you will be absent.

What if my children have a school day off due to weather, illness, or vacation?
No problem; just call and leave a message on the school’s answering machine, or let your instructors know ahead of time.

What if I have been out of school a long time, or have issues with taking tests and/or studying?
You will be given plenty of opportunity to review and study during your school hours. Instructors are available for extra help if necessary. You will be given a chance to make up any failed tests.

Is they’re a lot of book work?
The majority of the 1000-hour course will be spent “hands-on”, yet there is a fair amount of reading, testing, writing and studying involved.

What does the state board exam consist of?
It is a written, 85-question multiple-choice test. A passing score is a 70. There is no “hands-on” testing.

If I am absent, can I make up the lost time?
If you are a part-time student, you can make up for an absence by staying later than you normally do, for as many days as needed. If you are a full-time student, you don’t have this option, but will simply be here longer.

Will I have a chance to get my hair done at school?
Yes, at designated times, students can receive beauty services performed by other students. There is no charge for haircuts, or styling. A fee will be charged to cover the expense of chemical services.

Does the school close when the weather is bad?
We will change the message on our answering machine by 6:30 AM if we will be closed or opening late due to inclement weather.

Will there be anything I need to purchase for school, which is not contained in my student kit?
You will have everything needed for school in your kit. The only item that we recommend you buy is a three-ring notebook.

What if I move to another state?
You will need to contact the state agency in charge of licensing Barbers to see what is required. Usually if you hold a CT. License it's only a matter of filing paperwork and paying a small fee to receive that state's license.

Do you help in finding graduates jobs?
We cannot guarantee job placement. We do however have an untarnished and excellent job placement rate. Also we often receive help wanted adds which are made available to all students. Currently Barbers are in high demand as there is a shortage of qualified Barbers, meaning now is an excellent time to enter this field.