Applicants to this course should have a pleasant personality and a genuine interest in working with others. Success is directly related to an individual’s ability to provide services that will satisfy the client. A student should have well developed fine motor skills, patience to develop manipulative skills, vitality to remain on a task for a long period of time, ability to communicate with others, flexibility and expressiveness in personal interactions. An artistic sense helps to determine line, color and proportion in hair arrangements and makeup application. Any background in Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry, Psychology and bookkeeping is also helpful.

Anyone who hopes to become a Cosmetologist should give attention to presenting a well-groomed, neat and attractive appearance at all times. The prospective and successful Cosmetologist should like people, enjoy being helpful to them and must be able to cultivate good relationships with others, clients, employers, instructors and fellow students. He/She should be alert to the preference of clients and tactful with those who may be tired, nervous or irritable. Cooperation and responsibility are important factors as well as having the ability to follow instructions and accept constructive criticism in good stride